Bandelier Artist Residency Preparations

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin.


Robyn at Bandelier National Monument 2006


The applications went in at the end of March 2022…  I was notified I was selected as one of three, month long Artist in Residence opportunities, and I selected the month of November, 2022.  Having an entire month to explore and create on site at this beautiful National Park meant I needed to grow my painting practice OUT of the studio and also learn again to paint more quickly and directly than my current style.  In this section you will find a gallery of photos related to my preparation activities as well as links to the eight preparation blogs I posted leading up to the actual Residency.  Painting adventures, travel arrangements, what to bring… May – October was a very busy season!

Preparations Photo Gallery

(Images from preparation activities May – October 2022)

Preparations Blog Posts

(Most recent on top!)

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