VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan
VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

I am here to inspire and encourage your creative journey!


I have benefited from the teaching, inspiration, and encouragement of so many wonderful fellow artists and mentors!  My desire is to “pay it forward” and help you achieve your creative and artistic aspirations.

I enjoy working with artists of all experience levels and seek to instill confidence and joy as you build your knowledge, skills, and abilities in pursuit of your creative vision and goals.

My role is to guide you and support you in…

  • Applying clear and simple methods to approach new mediums, techniques, and processes
  • Experiencing the joys of creating and the satisfaction of conquering fears and doubts
  • Building mastery to enable you to achieve your desired results
  • Dispelling the mysteries of “how do you do that?”
  • Freeing you to create, find your artistic voice, and express your intentions

My focus is establishing logical foundational “building blocks” (techniques, design principles, creative process skills & guides) upon which I then build practical application approaches and decision making skills.  My goal is to teach you to create based on what inspires and excites you from a solid foundation reflecting your unique personality and artistic hand!

I can’t wait to accompany you on this fantastic adventure!


“Excellent in every respect!”

“Great workshop!  Well organized, (I’ve been to many as a teacher – presented by educators and professional artists.)”

“Awesome!  I learned a great deal!  Better than my college course!”



Workshop & Course Offerings

Robyn Ryan's Bobcat ALWS Progression

Creative Approach to Painting Workshop

You are invited!   Come into the encouraging and supportive atmosphere of the Creative Approach to Painting Workshop where we will explore fresh ways to rekindle your creative fires and show you how to find and follow what brings you joy in your creative practice!

In person one-day workshop at Libertytown Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Two scheduled dates to choose from! 

Limited Spots Available  ~ Register Soon

***Saturday, 29 April, 10am-4pm
***Saturday, 3 June, 10am-4pm

Let’s celebrate what makes you creative and help you rediscover the wonder of discovery and adventure in your art making!

Find more satisfaction not only in the art you create but also in the entire process of creating it using simple but powerful ways to reinvent how you approach your art making!

Build confidence in following your personal and unique creative intuition and learn to work with what you are creating to produce artwork that is fresh and infused with your own joyful intentions.   Your joy will flow into and through what you create to brighten the atmosphere of this chaotic world and we need more of that!

Robyn Ryan's Bobcat ALWS Progression
Robyn Ryan's Heron IV ALWS Progression
Robyn Ryan Watercolor Painting Autumn Drive
Cardinal in Snow Watercolor painting by Robyn Ryan
Ewes & Lambs watercolor painting by VA Artist Robyn Ryan




Live Online Teaching Sessions

Video Demonstrations

Step by Step Video Tutorials

Focused Online Course with Multiple Modules and Support Materials




Water-Based Media Classes (Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media)

Acrylic Layers Workshop

Sculpture Workshop (Oil-Based Clay to be Molded and Cast)

Artist Talks


Private Consultations & Critiques

(Note: I am also exploring offering virtual versions (live streaming, live via Zoom/Skype/Facetime, and recorded video) of my normal face-to-face offerings… stay tuned!)


Sculpture Workshop with VA Artist Robyn Ryan

Robyn features two different two-day intensive workshops


(from Armature to Details in Oil-based clay)


Acrylic Layers

(Robyn’s unique process to develop physical visual layers where earlier layers sparkle through)

Robyn Ryan Acrylic Layers Workshop



Instruction is available for individuals, small groups, and through tailored workshops.


Please contact me if you are interested in participating in or scheduling any of the above offerings.


“Learned a lot!  Thank you ~ Excellent Job!”

“Please do this again soon!  Very organized and well supplemented with pictures…”

“Exceeded my expectations!”

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