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Robyn Ryan’s Acrylic Layers Online Workshop


…Discover New Pathways

…to Your Creative Freedom!










Free and Empower Your Creativity in a New and Fresh way!


      • Finding yourself bored and in a rut with your painting?

      • Getting stuck and frustrated, uncertain how to proceed?

      • Are you an art “adventurer” wanting to try something different?

      • Want to find new approaches and techniques to stimulate your creativity?


I can relate, having navigated all of these questions many times over…  The Acrylic Layers process was developed seeking answers to these very questions!


The Acrylic Layers Process Consists of Working With Physically Distinct and Separated Layers in Developing a Painting.  This Results in Creating Actual Dimensionality, Seeing Through Physical Layers to What Lies Beneath, Hiding Things, Discovering Things…


Let me be your guide into this incredibly FUN,


of my Acrylic Layers Process!

The Acrylic Layers Approach Frees You to Explore and Express Your Creativity by Removing That “Hope Buster” Called “Expectation” and Opening You and Your Creative Process Up to So Many New and Exciting Possibilities!

See how this Acrylic Layers process came to be and what it consists of….



Five Consecutive Weekly Sessions

Next Session Dates To Be Announced Soon!


Five 4-hour Sessions Cover:


  • Overall Acrylic Layers Process

  • Five Under-Painting Approaches

  • Five Acrylic Gel Application Variations

  • Six Art Media Application Techniques

  • Subtractive Methods to Expose Earlier Layers

  • Decision Making Framework ~ Layering and Beyond


  • Aids to Resolve Creative Barriers and Explore Boldly

  • Bring New Life to “Less than Favorite” or “Stuck” Artwork

  • Finishing an Acrylic Layers Piece for Display

  • Integrating “Acrylic Layers” into Your Creative Approach


  • Produce several pieces using Under-Painting, Gel application, and Art Media variations

  • Become empowered with new mindsets & approaches

  • Tailor & Adapt to your own personal creative processes


Acrylic Layers Workshop Students at Work
Acrylic Layers Workshop Students at Work
Acrylic Layers Workshop Students at Work

This workshop has been greatly enjoyed by Artists

at Many Experience Levels

“Awesome! I learned a great deal! Better than my college course!”

ALWS Participant

“Exceeded my expectations!”

ALWS Participant

“Great workshop! Well organized, (I’ve been to many as a teacher – presented by educators and professional artists.)”

ALWS Participant

I loved Robyn’s Acrylic Layers course. I have limited painting experience and was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Robyn immediately put me at ease and provided encouragement at each step.

She provided plenty of time to experiment on multiple pieces and offered welcome guidance when I got stuck.

I enjoyed the class so much, I’ve taken it a second time and look forward to taking another class with her.

ALWS Participant ~ Barbara Debary-Kesner





After This Workshop You Will:


~ Understand the secrets behind physically distancing layers of art media with acrylic gel


~ Be Equipped with variations of under-paintings, acrylic gel layering, and art media to mix and match


~ Be Confident in deciding “what’s next” because you will be free from preconceived expectations


~ Be Prepared with a full tool box of techniques and ideas to boldly explore your creative intentions


~ Keep Your Mindset Focused on the joy of the process and journey to each piece’s unique outcome


~ Have a Full Well of inspiration and possibilities to jump start your next project



Virginia Artist Robyn Ryan in her studio

Meet Your Guide for this Exciting Journey!


Robyn Ryan is a professional artist working out of her studio in Fauquier County, Virginia.  Creating and selling art for 30+ years, Robyn enjoys working in water-based media, mixed media, and bronze.

An encouraging and enthusiastic instructor, Robyn has taught numerous workshops in watercolor, her unique Acrylic Layers Process, and Sculpture.  As a teacher, Robyn’s focus is on inspiring her students to have fun while venturing through and beyond the mechanics of art making toward increased confidence, joy in the process, and finding each person’s unique form of expressing their creative intent.

Her workshops are great for beginners and experienced painters who want to cultivate their skills and build their creative toolbox to create their own unique artwork from the heart, not just the mind.

For more information on purchasing paintings, classes, workshops, and publications go to:

And THAT IS NOT ALL!   Several BONUSES Are Also Included



In Addition to the Workshop Sessions and Support Material

You Also Receive:



~ Three Illustrated Quick Reference Guides summarizing the variations for under-paintings, gel layers, and art media layers


~ Creative Inner Dialogue & Perspective Aids for keeping you motivated and on track!


~ Tutorial on how to make your own stamps to emboss your gel layers!


~ Continued Exclusive Access to the Acrylic Layers Workshop Resources Website


~ Membership in the Acrylic Layers Workshop Alumni Facebook Group

(Share works in progress, inspiration, and support)


~ Live Q&A Sessions to answer questions arising in between workshop sessions and after!


~ A complimentary private half hour One-on-One Consultation to answer questions, provide guidance, and encourage your creative journey!


~ Exclusive Alumni Access to Workshop Demo Videos after the workshop


~ Notification of future Acrylic Layers Workshop related events with Alumni Discount!

Acrylic Layers Online Workshop



Five Consecutive Weekly 4-Hour Sessions + Bonuses!

Pre-Register for Advance Notice of Registration Opening for Next Session with Early Bird Pricing!



Upon actual registration and full payment, you will receive the link to the

Acrylic Layers Online Workshop Resources Webpage

Where all of the details related to the workshop will be located

Including the Schedule, Supply List and Guidelines

for preparing for a wonderful workshop experience and more!



All workshop materials will be available for download at your convenience

Along with links to the BONUSES!


This Acrylic Layers Online Workshop is Perfect for You If:


~ You enjoy exploring new approaches to making your art

~ You want to learn new techniques to integrate into your creative toolbox

~ you need to gain more confidence in your artistic decision-making process

~ you desire a re-Invigoration of your creative juices and inspiration…




Frequently Asked Questions…


I’ve never used acrylics before, is that a problem?

That is NOT a problem, I will be showing you how to use all of the art media during the workshop in the context of this Acrylic Layers process.  NOTE:  This will not be a detailed “how to” course on acrylic painting.


Will we be producing a piece of art painting along with you?

This workshop focuses on using the Acrylic Layers process and techniques to express your own personal creative intentions.  You certainly are welcome to model your pieces after the pieces I develop during the demonstrations (there will be MANY!) but I am certain once you get started your own ideas and inspirations are going to take over.  This is why I like to classify this workshop as a “Creative Growth” workshop as much as a “Process” workshop.


Sounds like a LOT will be covered in this workshop, will I be overwhelmed?

We will cover a lot of ground, however, I’ve structured it and organized it so you will have a very methodical framework to follow.  In addition, you will have additional resources including:

  • Downloadable handouts and Quick Reference Guides from the Resource Webpage to provide immediate access to reference material to guide you at your fingertips
  • The weekly ZOOM Workshop Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Resources Webpage for you to refer back to at your convenience
  • The weekly ZOOM Q&A Sessions (These are in addition to our Saturday workshop days!  They are scheduled for Mondays 6:30 – 7:30 pm) will also be recorded and uploaded to the Resources Webpage for your easy access
  • The private Facebook Group for participants to share progress and questions… I will be responding to your posts daily throughout the course.


I am very experienced in my media and subject matter, how will this Acrylic Layers process help me?

I truly believe if you are OPEN to trying something new which you have not tried before, there will always be something to learn and add to your artistic tool box whether it is a new technique, method, media, or thought process you can incorporate into your own creative practice.  The workshop provides a safe and fun environment to experiment with new approaches which typically yields insight into how you approach your art regardless of technique or media used.  In addition to the Acrylic Layers process itself, this workshop leads you through a new way of thinking through making your art to be intentional in decision making more clearly and confidently along the way.  The experienced artists who have participated have all gleaned a fresh outlook and found “pearls” to tailor and integrate into their personal art practices.


I am an absolute beginner and have never picked up a brush, is this workshop for me?

I don’t recommend this workshop for absolute beginners who are looking for detailed “how to paint” or “how to draw” basics.  Although I have had absolute beginners participate in the live version of this workshop and enjoy it immensely in the past, I don’t feel I could provide you enough support with getting started in the basics along with getting all that is intended for participants of this workshop.  That said, if you have already had some basic art instruction and are comfortable with basic painting/drawing principles, you can definitely take advantage of this workshop as a basis for how your approach your art making moving forward.  Still not sure?  E-mail me and we can discuss one-on-one if this workshop is right for you!


What if I cannot make a ZOOM Workshop or Q&A Session?

All of the ZOOM sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Resources Webpage for you to watch at your convenience as often as you like, during and following the workshop for as long as the Resources Webpage exists!


What if I cannot assemble all of the suggested supplies and materials in time for the workshop?

No Worries!  I know this can be a challenge, especially with shipping uncertainties these days!  That is why the supply list is organized into essential and optional sections.  The absolute essentials of the acrylic gel, a few acrylic paints, and something to draw with is enough to get started for the first session.  You can assemble more supplies as we go and as you get inspired!  In addition to the supply list, I will provide a video on the Resources Webpage to discuss the essential and optional supplies listed.


Can I use oil-based media with this process?

We will NOT be using any oil-based media during the workshop.  You cannot embed oil-based media between layers of acrylic gel.  If you are feeling adventurous, oil-based media could be used as a FINAL media layer on top of your FINAL acrylic gel layer BUT it cannot be covered with acrylic gel and would have to be sealed as you normally seal and finish and oil-based media work.

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