Introduction to Painting with Paper 2-Day Workshop

 August 16 & 17, 11am-4pm at Creative Brush Studios

Equine Muse

Delight in the majesty and mystery of horses in your home or office!

Jumpstart Your Creativity Again!

Celebrate YOUR Creativity and

Infuse Your Art Making With Joy & Adventure


The Art of Nature & Wildlife

Be inspired by Fleeting Glimpses of nature and wildlife in your own home or office!

Bandelier National Monument Artist Residency

New Mexico November 2022 Artist Residency

 Creative Adventures and a 2024 Solo Exhibit!

Equine Bronze Sculptures

Bring the elegance of bronze into your home or office!


Connect with the perfect piece for your home or office!

Bring Fleeting Glimpses of Natural Beauty and Wonder Into Your Spaces


Engaging art

capturing “Fleeting Glimpses” of nature and living things

to captivate and inspire you…

Make your spaces come to life with fresh and joyful works of art

to enrich your world…




Infuse Your Life with Beautiful Art & Joyful Creativity

In the Studio with Robyn

Peek Behind the Curtain!

In the Studio with Robyn…

Classes with Robyn

Grow Creatively!

Learn & Grow ~ Workshops, E-courses, & Talks


Artwork to Enliven Your World & Inspiration for Your Creative Journey!

I resonate with the saying “Paint what you love” which is reflected in my favorite artistic themes inspired by animals, nature, and my travels.  I work in series which allows me to develop a body of work around a theme or idea over time as I explore conveying my intentions.  My Fleeting Glimpses and “Equine Muse series  and my Equine Bronze Sculptures continue to evolve and captivate my attention!  My newest series is titled Set Free and explores visual metaphors related to my own freedom journey.

Inspiring and equipping fellow creatives to pursue their artistic journeys is also my passion!  Face-to-face workshops, artist talks, demonstrations, live online workshops and e-course offerings are bringing this vision to life.

As you explore my website I would love to hear from you!  Contact me with your comments, questions and to request any additional information you desire.


Available Artwork Spotlight


Spring has Sprung! 

These pieces from the Fleeting Glimpses Pond Series are Available!


Visit My Galleries to See More Artwork Available for Purchase…

Expand Your Creativity, Strengthen Your Skills, Build Confidence, HAVE FUN! 



Would you like a supportive partner to come alongside you on your creative journey? 

Come experience a safe and fun environment to explore new techniques and approaches.

Enjoy genuine encouragement, authentic inspiration, practical guidance and support…

both online and in person! 

Let me know if you are interested in being notified of upcoming classes focused on watercolor, mixed media, acrylic layers and creativity!



I’m excited that in addition to my in-person workshops, I am developing new online learning opportunities to offer students of all experience levels.


Your input on what you are interested in learning and how I can best encourage and equip you will ensure I create the classes, demos, and interactions that will meet your learning needs.
Robyn Ryan Sculpture Workshop

Recent News

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Artist in Residence Adventure ~ Stage 10: Decompression Begins

Artist in Residence Adventure ~ Stage 10:  Decompression Begins...   Transition Day In the last post I left you at the Bandelier National Monument overlook about noon on 30 November.  I'll pick up the ball from there!  I had a lovely ride back to "base camp" at...

Artist in Residence Adventure ~ Stage 9: Wrap It Up…  

Artist in Residence Adventure ~ Stage 9:  Wrap It Up…   Residency Culminating Artist Talk My final formal commitment as the November Artist in Residence was to hold my Artist Talk to summarize my experiences and the resulting artwork.  I set up the vacated...

Artist in Residence Adventure ~ The Artwork…  

   Artist in Residence Adventure ~ The Artwork…   This post is intended to record all of the artwork I produced during the actual Residency from 1 - 30 November, 2022 during my Artist Residency at Bandelier National Monument.  I have categorized all of the...

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