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I resonate with the saying “Paint what you love”…   This is reflected in my favorite artistic themes related to animals and nature found in my native Virginia.  My travels also inspire my artwork.  I work in series which allows me to develop a body of work around a theme or idea over time as I explore conveying my intentions.  My “Fleeting Glimpses” and “Equine Muse” series continue to evolve and my Equine Bronze Sculptures continue to captivate my attention!  My newest series is titled “Set Free” and explores visual metaphors related to my own freedom journey.  I hope you are transported and delighted by my art!

I am very excited to announce that I am delving into Online Teaching!  This will take multiple forms as I progress such as demonstrations, live online teaching sessions, and eventually online courses.  I am very interested in your feedback on what you would be interested in learning from me!  You can stay informed on these new offerings as they are released through my art newsletter.

As you explore my website I would love to hear from you!  Contact me with your comments, questions and to request any additional information you desire.



I’m excited that in addition to my in-person workshops, I am developing new online learning opportunities to offer students of all experience levels.


Your input on what you are interested in learning and how I can best encourage and equip you will ensure I create the classes, demos, and interactions that will meet your learning needs.
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Recent News

“Through Field & Forest” Exhibit at Highmark Brewery

"Through Field & Forest" Exhibit at Highmark Brewery   I love new venues for my artwork to be enjoyed through!  A friend and coworker invited me to kick off featuring the work of local artists in his local Highmark Brewery!  I love the low-key and family...

“Set Free”

Art First Gallery - October 2018   Virginia artist Robyn Ryan celebrates life through art; the making of it, the appreciation of it, and the sharing of it. She feels expressing one's perception of and reaction to the world we live in and the creatures...


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