“Be authentic, trust what emerges, let go of it needing to be a certain way…”

 Working in Series


I typically work in series, which allows me to explore an idea or subject to more fully express my intentions.  Instead of trying to put all that I want to express about a subject or idea in one piece, working in series allows me to explore my idea and intent more thoroughly through multiple pieces.  Each artwork can then focus on a single facet of the idea or theme.  A cohesive body of work emerges from this process.  The common elements of “celebrating life”; love of nature and animals; and the exploration of mediums, color, texture, and composition weave consistently through my work as it evolves.

Corsair bronze equine bust by VA Artist Robyn Ryan

Equine Bronze Sculptures

These sculptures focus on capturing the life, energy, and personality of the horses.  Each is designed to convey a spontaneous candid moment and posture.  The “gesture” of these horses caught in a moment of time is inspired by my imaginary environmental context which guides me as I work.  Most are limited editions based on either a commissioned portrait or on a compilation of memories and ideas straight out of my head based on riding, having, and loving horses of my own.

“Set Free”

A collection of Robyn’s most recent wildlife inspired artwork using the mechanisms of composition and arrangement, physical presentation, and the wildlife subjects’ characteristics as metaphorical tools for expressing the process of learning to live in freedom.  This is the most personal intention I’ve conveyed since first exploring painting the idea in the “Catitudes” series.

“Black Bear I” Acrylic Layers Painting by VA Artist Robyn Ryan

“Fleeting Glimpses”

This ongoing series focuses on capturing the rare and precious sightings of the creatures and environments surrounding us which we often miss noticing and take for granted.   I am inspired by wildlife and nature sightings in and around the surrounding landscape with the plethora of sights, sounds, smells, and textures found in and around them.  I capture the momentary microcosm that caught my attention; the light, reflections, wildlife, and atmosphere through the organic and lively textures, colors, and designs of these pieces.

"Echoes I" Robyn Ryan Watercolor

“Equine Muse”

My ongoing series focused on the power, beauty, and mystery of the horse.  My lifelong love of horses and what they allow us to do with them is a constant source of inspiration to me.  Their shapes, energy, and movement are feasts for my artist’s eye and hand.

Acrylic painting of cats jumping in and out of boxes


This series is my first exploration of painting the idea versus just the subject.  I introduce surrealistic, symbolic, and visual metaphor elements in this series to convey how I relate to the characteristics of independence and vulnerability of cats to my own journey from insecurity to independence.  In addition the “box” visual metaphor is used to represent boundaries and how cats rarely honor them!

Watercolor of buildings in Montelpuciano, Italy

“Italian Impressions”

Locations I travel to always leave a visual impression on me and Italy was no exception!  The architecture, landscape, antiquity, and history provides overwhelming inspiration.  These pieces capture just a few of those visual impressions, more to come!

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