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“Be authentic, trust what emerges, let go of it needing to be a certain way…”

Robyn Ryan SCulptiong
Robyn Ryan Watercolor Painting & Palette
Robyn Ryan Charcoal Drawing

Sculpting ~ The Lost Wax Process ~ Bronze

Robyn Ryan Sculpting Hands

Sculpting & the Lost Wax Process  –  I love working in the tactile medium of oil-based clay.  I use oil-based clay because it does not dry out which is important given how long it takes to finish the clay version of my sculpture.  The sculpture has to be “right” from every angle, which takes time to achieve.  Once the clay version is complete, I work with the foundry who creates a mold from which a wax version is created.  The “lost wax process” takes the wax version and uses it to create a mold to withstand the molten bronze.  Fabrication, patination, sealing and mounting lead to the finished bronze sculpture.  Bronze sculptures are an investment to create as well as own.

Artist Robyn Ryan's "Rolling Bliss" - Artist touch up prior to sealing


Even after 30+ years painting in water media, I am always learning and love to experiment with various water-based and mixed media. I started in transparent watercolor, expanded to acrylics, and now enjoy mixed media including my unique “Acrylic Layers” process and collage.  This constantly evolving variety of “tools” in my artistic “toolbox” allows me freedom to use the best “tool” to convey my intent vs. being constrained by a single medium.

Robyn Ryan Bobcat Acrylic Layers In Process
“Acrylic Layers” creates physical distance between each layer of paint or material with the effect of seeing “through” the actual layers.  It consists of multiple layers of transparent acrylic gel with paint, collage, and mixed media embedded between the layers, with selected areas exposing the layers beneath.  In addition to the visual and color depth achieved, the varied texture is very organic.
Collage papers
“Mixed Media & Collage” fun, fun, and more fun!  The sky is the limit and my creativity soars when the “rules” and constraints of a specific medium no longer apply! As I have introduced more surreal and symbolic elements into my paintings, the mixed-media and collage have facilitated expressing my ideas in exciting new ways.
Robyn Ryan Acrylic Painting
“Acrylic” I typically use acrylics in a similar way as my watercolors, once dry it is does not lift easily and building up layers of glazes is easier as it does not lift and mix the earlier layers, risking mud instead of glowing color. wing is a foundational skill.  I employ my drawing skills in each these applications.
Robyn Ryan Watercolor Painting of Carriage

“Watercolor” is a beautiful medium, traditionally admired for transparency and exciting in its fluidity and spontaneity of wet-in-wet effects…  I will say that I do not produce “wimpy” watercolors and use them boldly and often opaquely, capitalizing on random textures and lifting of pigment.


Drawing is where it all began!  Doodling on note pages in school, pages and pages of parts and pieces of animals and other subjects.  I enjoy drawing in all sorts of media ranging from fountain pen to graphite, to charcoal, to colored pencil!  Whether sketching, creating a framework or accents for a painting, or developing a finished piece in ink, graphite, or charcoal, drawing is a foundational skill. I employ my drawing skills in each these applications.

Robyn Ryan Sketch Across the River
Robyn Ryan Sketch Up the Hill
Robyn Ryan Camel ink sketch

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