Available Sculptures

Welcome to my Available Sculptures Shop page!  In most cases I create limited editions of my bronze sculptures.  As a result, there are three purchase options based on the status of each piece.

“Available Sculptures” are those I have in my physical inventory and are available for direct purchase and delivery.

Those sculptures identified as “Order Next Edition” are not in my current physical inventory yet but ARE in process of being cast, patinated, and mounted at the foundry.  Depending on when you order, you may be able to influence my patination and mounting choices as each piece in the edition is still unique in the results of the patination and mounting steps.

Those sculptures identified as “Order Pre-Casting” are still in the creation and refinement stage in clay.  Pre-orders offer you the opportunity to purchase your sculpture at a lower price than post-casting as an incentive to help defray production costs.

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