Corsair (Limited Edition #2 of 20)


10″ x 8″ x 6″  Bronze Sculpture

My equine sculptures focus on capturing the life, energy, and personality of the horses I am reflecting.  Each is designed to convey a spontaneous candid moment and depict a natural posture vs. posed.  The “gesture” of each horse is captured in a moment of time and is inspired by my imaginary environmental context which guides me as I work.

I create limited editions of my bronze sculptures since I create the originals in oil-based clay which is not the end product.  When the clay version is ready, I work with the foundry to create a plaster and silicone mold from the clay.  This mold is used to produce a wax version from which the bronze version is derived through the lost wax process.  Once cast, the sculpture is finished with a patina which fuses liquid chemicals and pigments with the metal using heat to create the color.  The sculpture is then sealed to finish and then mounted on its base for presentation.  This process of creating a wax version and using the lost wax process to create the finished bronze is repeated to create each edition of the sculpture.   The mold is destroyed when the last of the edition is cast.

My bronze editions are based on either a commissioned portrait or on a compilation of memories and ideas straight out of my head based on riding, having, and loving horses of my own.

“Corsair” is a portrait of our thoroughbred/warmblood gelding who we bred and raised.  His sire was Babamist who “stamped” his progeny with presence, talent, brains, and tons of personality.  Corsair (aka Big Baby Jack)  is no exception and this pose captures his intensity and keen interest in his world!  This “look of the eagles” was my guiding star when I created this sculpture.   The kind and inquisitive eye, the tension and erect angle of the neck and ears, and details such as his long ears and mane falling to both sides of his neck are all key visual anchors making this a successful portrait capturing this big bay’s personality and presence.

This #2 edition of “Corsair” is finished in a copper nitrate patina to capture a golden red bay effect.  I love how the glow of the underlying bronze metal shines through which is reminiscent of the iridescent shine of his summer coat in the sunshine.   I typically mount my equine busts on oval bases which feel more organic and complement the curves of the bust than a rectangular footprint.



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