Pathways & Precipices Solo Exhibition

“A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward.” Harvey Mackay.


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Shortly after returning from my Bandelier adventures, I found a lovely gallery space in Manassas, VA and created a proposal for a solo exhibit based on the Artist Residency experience.  The Residency was an amazing opportunity to focus on both my artistic and personal growth, living alone in the canyon and making my art in a vastly different location from my normal environment.  I initiated over 25 pieces of artwork in New Mexico and nurtured an array of additional ideas to expand into this new body of work I have titled “Pathways & Precipices”. 

In addition to recording my encounters with the diverse landscapes, cultural history, and wildlife of Bandelier National Monument, this artwork was inspired by the adventure and challenges I faced and celebrates the victories of overcoming fears and stepping into new things courageously.  The “Pathways & Precipices” artwork highlights my personal and artistic journeys moving from simple observation, to exploration and discovery of new environments, to considering the lasting impacts on me and my artwork.  The artwork was created using water-based media (Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylics) and mixed media (Collage and my unique Acrylic Layers technique).

The overarching “Pathways & Precipices” theme for this exhibit consists of four major groupings of artwork. 

  • Residency Impressions ~ Artwork started in New Mexico focused on capturing the residency experience:
    • Plein Air pieces developed publicly painting on the trails.
    • Public demonstrations of watercolor, collage, and Acrylic Layer techniques.
    • Recording and responding to wildlife and landscapes I encountered.
    • Creating integrated pieces to juxtapose elements of the ancient culture, rugged environment, and wildlife.
  • Vast Vistas ~ Expresses the awe and wonder of the diverse landscapes.
  • Then & Now ~ Depicts our current presence in ancient surroundings.
  • Lasting Impacts ~ Shares how I will never be the same.

The exhibit is arranged to guide you through my journey to share in the experiences and adventure of discovery and growth through my art.  My intention is for you to leave inspired to explore and seek new vistas yourselves; for you to find and nourish your own adventurer and inner child again; to reclaim your own sense of awe and wonder of the amazing creation we live in.

Here you will find details for the exhibit and visitor information for expanding a trip to the exhibit from 21 March – 28 April 2024 into an enjoyable day/evening, access to ordering your own personal copy of the Exhibit “Trail Guide” Catalog (under construction), a gallery of the artwork (under construction), and highlights from the exhibit and public events.



Pathways & Precipices Exhibit Details

I am thrilled to have my solo exhibit hosted at the Caton Merchant Family Gallery at The Art Factory.  The gallery takes up the entire main floor of the old Candy Factory building across the tracks from the historic Manassas Train Station.

9419 Battle Street, Manassas, VA 20110
Tuesday – Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm

There are three special events planned:

  • Saturday, 6 April, 6pm Artist Opening Reception
  • Saturday, 13 April, 2pm Artist Talk
  • Saturday, 20 April, 2pm Artist Demonstration

Make it a Day/Evening When You Visit the Exhibit and Enjoy Historic Manassas!

CLICK HERE for Visitors Information, Parking Info, Map, Restaurants, etc!

Pathways & Precipices Exhibit “Trail Guide” Catalog


I’ve created a catalog documenting the artistic and personal journey culminating in this exhibit.  All 55 pieces displayed as part of the solo exhibit are featured with write ups sharing details of the experience and the artwork.  You can order your own personal copy by clicking the link below.  (Under Construction)


Pathways & Precipices Exhibit Photo Gallery

(Images from the Exhibit and Events)

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