Turnabout (Limited Edition #3 of 20)

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6″ x 8″ x 6″  Bronze
My favorite patina turns out differently every time!  I wanted a warmer finish for this edition.  This patina is one of a kind using a reddish brown dye as the base color and then using the silver nitrate to create the dappled effect. Spectacular!

1 review for Turnabout (Limited Edition #3 of 20)

  1. Russell Mckane

    Your patinas are fantastic they are full of neuance that not many sculptors can achieve. But more than this they are worth nothing without the strong gestural wonderful studies your horse portraits achieve. You have captured their essence without relying on stereotypes.

    • Robyn Ryan

      Thank you so much Russell! I seek those candid expressive gestures capturing expression, personality, and life as a key aspect of my equine sculptures… They are such amazing creatures!

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