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Two Dimensions vs. Three Dimensions… Friend or Foe?

Artist Robyn Ryan Rolling Horse Watercolor

Friend!  One of the wisest things I did as an artist was to follow my dream to sculpt and cast bronze sculptures!  Better than painting?  No!  Both presentations are equally valid, just very different!  In fact, I’ve found working in both to be very influential on each other!

1)  Working in three dimensions informs my… Read more »

Mission Accomplished! Watercolor Workshop went GREAT!

VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

It was a privilege to work with three very talented artists this Saturday at the VEAA Watercolor Workshop.  Each had clear objectives for the day and achieved them with flying colors… literally!   Each participant had either no experience with watercolor or had been away from the medium for quite awhile.

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New Home for “Cortona Overlook”

Park overlooking Tuscan Plains

While out in Taos, New Mexico this year for my annual trek to the Intensive Studies Seminar, I received the wonderful news from Libertytown Arts Workshop that my painting, “Cortona Overlook” had found a new home with a proud new owner!  Congratulations!

“Cortona Overlook”  11″ x 15″  Watercolor

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You Scratch My Back…

Two Horses scratching backs

I am constantly drawn to anthropomorphic observations of animals and am struck by the authentic reminders they can provide us if we let them.  They are typically brutally honest and don’t fall prey to society’s politically correct “dances” and “masks”.  If they are happy with you (or each other) you know it… and when they… Read more »