Friend!  One of the wisest things I did as an artist was to follow my dream to sculpt and cast bronze sculptures!  Better than painting?  No!  Both presentations are equally valid, just very different!  In fact, I’ve found working in both to be very influential on each other!

1)  Working in three dimensions informs my two dimensional work!  How?  Through familiarization with the subject… from every possible angle!

2) Each angle of a sculpture is a different composition, that has to work!  The sculpture challenges my design skills to make every viewing angle accurate, pleasing and interesting!

Bronze sculpture of rolling horse

“Rolling Bliss” 6″ x 18″ x 10″ Bronze Sculpture

3) The three dimensional sculptures are interesting subject matter for 2D works…  They become models to derive two dimensional subject matter and compositions from.

4) I love the tactile act of forming shapes in clay!  Even this has influenced my two-dimensional work with an avid interest in physical textures and physical layer in my paintings!

Artist Robyn Ryan Rolling Horse Watercolor

“Emerging Equines – Rolling Horse” 7.5″ x 7.5″ Watercolor


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