I am constantly drawn to anthropomorphic observations of animals and am struck by the authentic reminders they can provide us if we let them.  They are typically brutally honest and don’t fall prey to society’s politically correct “dances” and “masks”.  If they are happy with you (or each other) you know it… and when they aren’t!

Two Horses scratching backs

This watercolor painting is of two of my best friends, mother and daughter, both who have seen me through many many years of pleasure and partnership.  One (the one facing you) is in her 30’s and is the “grand dame” of the herd… the other is in her early 20’s and is now “Head Mare” , a role she inherited from the “grand dame” a few years back.  These candid moments of mutual comfort and affection can’t help but bring a smile to your face.  I’ve sometimes found myself between them as a third in the chain during one of these “scratch-fests”!

This  is an example of painting what you love simply and directly achieving beautiful results!

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