It was a privilege to work with three very talented artists this Saturday at the VEAA Watercolor Workshop.  Each had clear objectives for the day and achieved them with flying colors… literally!   Each participant had either no experience with watercolor or had been away from the medium for quite awhile.

VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

Working on the demonstration pieces!

Watercolor can be a challenging medium and my intent with this workshop was to break down the key elements of controlling the medium to achieve the desired effects.  The workshop participants were open to trying the numerous techniques and approaches I challenged them with.  They all went home with toolboxes full of ideas and all were motivated to continue upon return to their studios… My mission was accomplished!

VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

The creative juices were flowing!

The themes of the day were “control the water” (as in how much water is really in that brush!) and “focus on the larger shapes” and leave the details for last…

VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

Cheryl and Leah working on “value” under-paintings

Participants also learned different “unifying” approaches with two different “under-painting” techniques.

VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

Eleszebeth prepping her second piece

Thank you to our hosts at the Backdoor Gallery.  It was a wonderful venue to hold the workshop, great space, lighting, and easy to access.  Looking forward to the next workshop!

If you are interested in participating in a future workshop or class with me, just let me know!  I can be reached at


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