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“Point to Point” Step by Step

VA Artist Robyn Ryan Acrylic Layers In Process

It seemed about time to share another work in process with you!   My Acrylic Layers process lends itself especially well to step by step explanations so here are the first six steps I’ve taken so far with a new Acrylic Layers piece titled “Point to Point”.  This painting is one of the largest Acrylic Layers… Read more »

Happy New Year! Robyn Ryan Art 2014 Outlook

VA Artist Robyn Ryan Acrylic & Transfer "Bee Study I"

My last post was a review of 2013, this post will highlight my major goals for my artistic adventures in 2014.  The bar has been set high from last year and I’ve already laid an “enthusiastic” plan for 2014.  I have settled on 5 major focus areas:

1)  Make more wonderful art!

~ … Read more »

20 July 2013 VEAA Robyn Ryan Watercolor Workshop

Four Carriage Horses Trotting


Robyn Ryan Watercolor Workshop 20 July 2013 Hosted by the Virginia Equine Artists Association (VEAA) 11″ x 15″  Watercolor ~ Private Collection 9:30 – 4:30 Saturday, 20 July 2013 The Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

So many people have told me they believe painting in watercolor is so hard!  Its true working in watercolor is… Read more »

June Sculpture Workshop was a Blast!

VEAA June 2013 Sculpture Class

We sure had a super time at the Virginia Equine Artists Association (VEAA) sculpture workshop last weekend!  Thanks Debby Thomas for hosting us in your studio!  I had four students which was perfect for the private studio setting.

We started with discussing the entire process from armature to casting in bronze (or Resin).  The remaining… Read more »

1-2 June 2013 Sculpture Workshop

Robyn Ryan Teaching Sculpture Workshop

Announcing the 3rd VEAA Hosted Robyn Ryan Sculpture Workshop,  1-2 June 2013

Link to Workshop Flyer ~ Sculpture Workshop with Robyn Ryan June2013

Are you ready to bend some wire and push some clay? Don’t let the idea of three dimensions intimidate you… This will be a very practical and down to earth… Read more »