We sure had a super time at the Virginia Equine Artists Association (VEAA) sculpture workshop last weekend!  Thanks Debby Thomas for hosting us in your studio!  I had four students which was perfect for the private studio setting.

We started with discussing the entire process from armature to casting in bronze (or Resin).  The remaining 11 hours of the workshop we sculpted!

Sculpture Armature Demonstration

Sculpture Armature Demonstration

Not everyone who takes my workshop plans to  have molds made and cast what they work on, although I’m thrilled to say some do!

For some, simply expanding beyond the two dimensions of drawing and painting on a flat surface and getting to know their subject much more completely is the motivation.  Others have used their sculptures as models for their drawing and painting.  Still others are just curious about the process.

Clay Contour Demonstration

Clay Contour Demonstration

I really enjoy making the process clear and attainable.  Armature building, initial clay “contour” maps, packing clay, stepping back and assessing from multiple angles, developing a discerning eye to mold what is there vs. what we “think” is there… all basic principles we explore.

Building Form Demonstration

Day 1 Demo

I think all participants were pleased with what they produced.  BJ couldn’t join us the 2nd day but her sculpture after only day one was in fine shape!  (Looking forward to our make up session!)

VEAA June 2013 Sculpture Class

June 2013 VEAA Sculpture Class (Cheryl, Debby, and Donna)

I’m very proud of these ladies and what they accomplished over the two days.  From Left to Right are Cheryl Ernest, Debby Thomas, and Donna Doyle.  BJ Clark is not pictured but her sculpture from day 1 is (2nd from left)

VEAA Sculpture Workshop Instructor

Proud Instructor!

I have two more VEAA Workshops scheduled this summer, contact me if you are interested!

20 July 2013 VEAA Watercolor Workshop, $85, 9:30-4:30 at The Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

10 & 11 August 2013 VEAA Sculpture Workshop, $135 bust/$150 full horse, 9:30-4:30 both days at The Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA


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