Online Open Studio Featured Art

For the entire month of May, selected artwork has been chosen to present to you as Featured Artwork during the Ballyryan Studios Online Open Studio. 

You will find the artwork organized into four categories:  Equine 2D, Italy & Friends, Sculpture, and Limited Edition Giclees. 

You can apply any applicable coupon codes once you place your piece(s) into your shopping cart to take advantage of the promotions offered.  (NOTE:  discount coupons apply to the 2-dimensional art only)

I have specifically selected a variety of several of my favorite equine paintings to feature during the Ballyryan Studios Online Open Studio.  They represent several different series within my “Equine Muse” collection.  Horses will always be a beloved subject for me since they are such amazing creatures. This particular selection of equine-themed paintings displays several of the approaches I’ve used to convey their beautiful shapes, grace, and power!

I have also chosen to bring my Italian Impressions into this special featured art collection during the Ballyryan Studios Online Open Studio.  The impressions of Tuscany and Rome were indelibly etched into my memories.  My hope is that they transport you to that “other world” of Italian landscapes and antiquities.  In addition, I’ve included my available “Pond Series” from my Fleeting Glimpses series as well.

I am featuring several sculptures during the Ballyryan Studios Online Open Studio event to highlight two new opportunities I am offering collectors. 

The first is the Pre-Mold Pre-Order opportunity where you can secure a “Blast Off” edition in advance of the clay original being sent to the foundry to make a mold and initiate the edition at a lower price point than after the edition mold is created and the edition has been officially released for sale.  Purchasing your edition during the Pre-mold phase also affords you the option of tailoring the finish (Patina and base within foundry production constraints) to your desires, perhaps to capture a likeness of a beloved equine. 

The second is the opportunity to take advantage of the tailoring customization just described when you order the NEXT Edition of a sculpture that has not yet been produced by the foundry.

These five Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee reproductions of favorite paintings have also been included in the Online Open Studio Featured Artwork to highlight this new option for adding the beauty of these artworks to your collection or that of a friend or loved one at an affordable price point.  I have them printed in small batches which I then personally mount on acid-free foam-core and enclose in a protective plastic sleeve for you to mat and frame according to your personal preferences.

Smaller open-edition Giclees of these same five paintings are available through the shop.

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