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WELCOME to the Ballyryan Studios Online Open Studio Webpage!


The weekend was full of fun activities all designed to give you a personal (albeit not in person) behind the scenes look into the where, what, how, and why of my creative endeavors.  Everyone has busy schedules so in addition to the weekend full of Facebook Live activities, this Online Open Studio Webpage will be available for you to enjoy and share throughout the Month of May!

You have continual access to the content for the entire month of May.  The LIVE portions were recorded and uploaded for your enjoyment in case you missed any!

If you are already a member of my VIP Inner Circle and are on my e-mail list then you have already received special discount coupons for the artwork in the special Online Open Studio Featured Art Gallery!

10% off AND FREE SHIPPING for 2-dimensional Featured Art  AND  10% off Tailored Edition Sculpture Orders through Midnight May 21, 2021

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Here is the list of what you will find below as you scroll down this Online Open Studio Webpage:


  • Studio Tours of the Space & Environment as well as the “Stuff” the Art is made of
  • Open Studio Featured Artwork, both 2D & 3D!
  • Ask Robyn Q&A Sessions
  • Silent Auction of “Paint with Me” Demonstration Paintings
  • Link for Acrylic Layers Workshop Mini-Series Information and Registration
  • Oil-based Clay Sculpting & Acrylic Layers Process Demonstrations




The best part about studio tours is getting to see all of the “stuff” along with the environment in which an artist creates.  The space, how it is arranged, it’s quirks… The supplies and tools, what do they look like and how are they stored… The artwork, both finished and in-process… The inspirations and motivators…  Come and see inside my working studio and studio practice and discover how it really works!

We will open Saturday and Sunday with a tour and each will highlight different things so be sure to watch both!











Studio Tour Video #1 Click Image Above to Watch!

The Studio Space & Environment













Studio Tour Video #2 Click Picture Above to Watch!

The “Stuff”! ~ Supplies, Tools, Supports, etc.




Specific pieces were chosen to be featured artworks for this Open Studio event.

The “making of” stories for each piece will occur during the scheduled Featured Artwork LIVEs and those recordings will also be posted here in this section so you won’t miss the “scoop”!  Saturday and Sunday will have two LIVE Featured Artwork session each day, one focused on 2-dimensional artwork and the other on 3-dimensional artwork.

An exclusive Open Studio Featured Artwork Gallery has been created especially for this event!  You can purchase these pieces directly from the Online Open Studio Featured Artwork Gallery page.  Depending upon how you were informed of the Open Studio, you can use the coupon code provided to secure the special discount for each Featured Artwork during the duration of the Online Open Studio Event.

VIP Inner Circle Collectors and Supporters get an exclusive preview a day early and extra special discounts, if you are not currently part of my VIP Inner Circle and would like to enjoy exclusive perks, gifts, and offers, scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and sign up!









Saturday 2D Featured Art Video

Equine Theme

~ Click Picture Above to Watch! ~











Saturday 3D Featured Art Video

“Blast Off” Pre-Mold

~ Click Picture Above to Watch! ~










Sunday 2D Featured Art Video

Italy & Friends Theme

~ Click Picture Above to Watch! ~











Sunday 3D Featured Art Video

Bronze Editions ~ Tailoring Options

~ Click Picture Above to Watch! ~





Questions have been collected and responses pre-recorded in Q&A sessions for both Saturday and Sunday! 

The questions range from how I make something, to what it is like teaching, to letting go of art when it sells, and how to select new artwork… the topics are quite varied and you will enjoy the responses!

If you have additional questions arise as you enjoy the Online Open Studio, feel free to E-Mail them to me at robyn@robynryanart.com.  I will answer you and add your question to a supplemental Q&A recording after the LIVE Online Open Studio weekend is over since the Online Open Studio will continue through the month of May here on this webpage!










Saturday Q&A Session Video














Sunday Q&A Session Video








It has been a blast doing the Facebook Live “Paint with Me” watercolor demonstrations over the past few months.  The demonstrations have produced some lovely paintings which need to find loving forever homes so they are offered for sale through this Silent Auction!

Each of these 8″ x 10″ original watercolors have been mounted and matted on acid-free foam-core with acid-free mats and is encased in a protective plastic sleeve. Their normal price would be $185.  Starting bids for all four pieces will be $90.  Each piece will also have A “BUY IT NOW” option for $200 in case you just have to have it and don’t want to wait!

Here is how this Silent Auction will work:

Silent Auctions are a fun way to “name your price” without doing so publicly!  For this Online Open Studio we will conduct the auction through submitting an electronic form!  Simply complete this SILENT AUCTION BID FORM with your information and your bid/bids for as many pieces as you are interested in.  When you hit submit, your completed form is received and recorded.

This Silent Auction will extend beyond the weekend through the month of May with the winners announced the evening of Sunday, May 30th.

The latest bid will be updated regularly on the website above each image throughout the Open Studio month of May.  The Silent Auction will end at noon on May 30th.

The fortunate individual with the highest bid for each piece at the end of the Silent Auction on Saturday, May 30th will be contacted via e-mail so arrangements can be made for purchase and delivery/shipment of the paintings to their new forever homes!  NO SHIPPING CHARGES ~ all of that is included!

Have fun!


Opening Bid $90


Acrylic Layers Workshop Schedule at a Glance

“Barn and Hillside”

10″ x 8″ Watercolor


Opening Bid $90


Fall Drive by Artist Robyn Ryan

“Autumn Drive”

10″ x 8″ Watercolor


Opening Bid $90


Cardinal in Snow Watercolor painting by Robyn Ryan

“Cardinal in Snow”

10″ x 8″ Watercolor

” Watercolor


Latest Bid $100


Robyn Ryan Artist watercolor demoEwes & Lambs

“Ewes & Lambs”

8″ x 10″ Watercolor




A demonstration of one of my creative processes will be provided both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we delve into sculpting in oil-based clay in preparation for molding and casting at the foundry to create a bronze sculpture!  A lot goes into this process and you will gain insight into why bronze sculptures are not inexpensive!

On Sunday we explore the unique Acrylic Layers Process I developed and teach (the inaugural Online Acrylic Layers Mini-Series Workshop begins Friday May 21, you can register through May 19th with Early Bird Pricing through May 10th!)












Saturday Process Demo Video

Sculpting in Oil Based Clay

~ Click Picture Above to Watch! ~















Sunday Process Demo Video

Acrylic Layers Process

~ Click Image Above to Watch! ~




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