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I finally did it! I “bit the bullet”, “took the reins” and went for IT!  What is IT?  Getting serious about representing myself as an artist and my art online with some creativity and pizazz!  I invested in kicking off my new website,, and with it this Blog.

So what? Well this has been a long time coming…

I have been using “portfolio” websites for my Artist Web “presence” for years, they provide a wonderful capability and have served me well.  Each had its benefits but all had limitations and none had everything I was hoping for.  So, one  goal has been to invest in a new website customized for me and my artistic web presence needs and desires!

What “needs and desires” are these?  Well, for one, I need to establish a distinctive and consistent look and feel for all of my public relations materials, both print and virtual.  Another is focusing the website on the ARTWORK vs. all the bells and whistles of other information available.  Flexibility in providing access to a variety of my art activity information is a third objective.   The icing on the cake is an integrated tool for me to manage my artist “web presence” from!

How about an introductory tour?

First stop is the Home page which sets the stage with my new color theme, a scrolling banner of artwork and related images, a welcome message, and neat features such as the shortcut menu to some key artwork groups, my e-mail newsletter sign up, and featured artwork/blog highlights!

Next, is the About Robyn page which tells my story as an artist to date (not your typical boring artist statement!) and provides access to my art biography, exhibitions, media,  links, workshops/classes, down-loadable files and such.

Now for the highlight of the tour!  The Artwork page takes you to my most recent body of artwork.  At the time of this website launch this is my “Fleeting Glimpses” series which focuses on those transient moments we often overlook in appreciating the wildlife and natural wonders occurring around us.  Over time, the body of work featured on my Recent Artwork page will be updated with my newest work.

Another awesome feature on all of my Artwork pages is the tailored sidebar menu for you to select the category of artwork you want to see; I’ve organized the categories by body of work, by medium, and by subject matter.   Why did I do this?  To give YOU the flexibility to see artwork you are most interested in.  I hope you will get curious and click through them all!

Selecting an artwork category brings up all associated artwork, e.g., if you select “Italian Impressions” you will be presented with my recent paintings inspired by my trip to Italy.  You then can select a piece of artwork to see an enlarged view or you can select the artwork title to see the individual artwork’s page with amplifying information.

My biggest challenge has been selecting my best work to feature on this site!  You won’t find everything I’ve done here but I’m confident you will enjoy what I have selected to represent me and the state of my art today.

Next, the News Page brings you to this blog where I will post regularly about my perspectives on “Celebrating Life Through Art” exploring my own artwork, art related processes and activities, as well featuring other artists and people who epitomize this philosophy.  I hope you will check back regularly and sign up to receive regular updates!

Last but not least, the Contact Robyn page provides ways to reach me and an email template if you want to contact me without leaving the site.

My eternal thanks to my friend Adam DeSio at Desio Studios for all of his hard work and support to bring to life!  I hope you will visit often and let me know what you think!

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