Then & Now ~ Deer Sighting


30″ x 30″ Acrylic Layers
On 1.5″ Cradled Birch Panel

Piece from the Pathways & Precipices ~ An Artist’s Return to Awe and Wonder Series inspired by experiences and transformations from Bandelier National Monument Artist Residency for month of November 2022.

The mule deer herds occupied this area then and they are here now. This petroglyph of a deer or elk is found along the trail at Tsankawi. In this piece the reflective spots were retained within the pecked-out areas of the petroglyph in the background to provide our current reflection in this ancient carving. I photographed this mule deer buck in the brush below Long House near Frijoles creek. He glowed in the reflected light from the north canyon rim from the lowering afternoon sun.


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