Bobcat at Frijoles Creek


22″ x 15″ Mixed Media Collage
Mounted on 1.5″ Cradled Birch Panel

Piece from the Pathways & Precipices ~ An Artist’s Return to Awe and Wonder Series inspired by experiences and transformations from Bandelier National Monument Artist Residency for month of November 2022.

The museum at the Visitors Center presents the diverse ecosystems present within the park. The riparian (creek-side) is where bobcats would be found. I did not get to see one though I’ve seen them on the park’s nature camera footage. The photo reference for this bobcat is credited to Sally King, a ranger at the park that facilitated my application process. Her photos grace the National Park Service website for Bandelier National Monument. The creek scene is from my second solo hike on the Falls Trail. It literally sparkled in the Autumn light!


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