Blast Off (Pre-Mold Order ~ Save & Tailor)


16″ x 12″ x 5″  Oil based Clay

This sculpture is intended to express the explosive power of a horse when it “blasts off” in exuberant play.  Oil based clay original to be cast in bronze.

Once cast in bronze this sculpture will be priced at $3,900.

You can take advantage of significant savings by pre-ordering prior to delivery to the foundry for edition mold creation and initiation of the lost wax process to create the bronze editions.  Pre-mold price is $2,975, ~ 15% discount.

In addition to the significant savings, pre-ordering also allows you tailoring options for the finishing of the sculpture (color/patina and base) within foundry production constraints.

If you have any questions related to pre-ordering this sculpture, please contact me, I would be pleased to discuss the arrangements in further detail.


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