Blast Off (Pre-Casting Order ~ Save 25% off $3500 Final Price & Tailor)


16″ x 12″ x 5″  Oil based Clay

This elegant and graceful sculpture expresses the explosive power of a horse when it “blasts off” in exuberant play.  Oil based clay original to be cast in bronze limited edition of 20.

Once cast in bronze this sculpture will be priced at $3,500.

You can take advantage of significant 25% savings by Pre-Ordering prior to casting of the initial bronze edition by the foundry.  Pre-Casting price is $2,625, a 25% discount!

In addition to the significant savings, Pre-Ordering also allows you tailoring options for the finishing of the sculpture (color/patina and base) within foundry production constraints.

Click Here for more information on Pre-Ordering your Personally tailored edition of “Blast Off”!

If you have any questions related to Pre-Ordering this sculpture, please contact me, I would be pleased to discuss the arrangements in further detail.


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