South Rim towards the Sandia and Albuquerque (Rim Trail)



30″ x 60″ Mixed Media Collage
On 1.5″ Cradled Birch Panel

Piece from the Pathways & Precipices ~ An Artist’s Return to Awe and Wonder Series inspired by experiences and transformations from Bandelier National Monument Artist Residency for month of November 2022.

My last hike on the Rim Trail was my victory trip. I was joined by my base camp buddy, and we negotiated the narrow switchbacks up the south wall of the canyon with a confidence I could not have mustered a month before. The sense of absolute delight and anticipation when we reached the top were palpable. My goal was to reach a vantage point from the Rim Trail for the Alcove House on the north canyon wall which was not accessible during my visit. This required me to go off trail towards an undefined edge which again, I would NEVER have done a month before! We returned by the long, narrow trail down the face of the south canyon wall with a sheer drop the entire way… the walking sticks were our friends giving us added stability. This piece captures the view which predominated our hike on the Rim Trail itself. Despite the clouds, the subtle colors in the clouds and blue glow of the Sandia mountains to the south were enchanting with the subtle colors still glowing through.

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