South Fork Jemez River at Grand Valley Valles Caldera


22″ x 30″ Mixed Media Collage
Mounted on 1.5″ Cradled Birch Panel

Piece from the Pathways & Precipices ~ An Artist’s Return to Awe and Wonder Series inspired by experiences and transformations from Bandelier National Monument Artist Residency for month of November 2022.

I was thrilled to be given a private tour of the Valles Caldera including the back country with the coordinator of the Bandelier National Monument Artist in Residence program, David Halpern. David picked me up at the Visitor Center and he drove me up, up, up highway 4 to the Valles Caldera; the valley left by the volcano whose eruption created the Pajarito Plateau. Although a separate National Park, Bandelier National Monument would not exist without it. I was impressed by how vast, quiet, and remote the landscape was. In this painting I responded to how the valley grasses moved in waves and then submerged underwater into the Jemez River. I was amazed to learn this was a sportsman’s destination and spied fishermen casting their lines into the narrow waterways weaving through the caldera valleys.


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