Long House Ruins I


9″ x 12″ Gouache
Framed in light wood floater frame.

Piece from the Pathways & Precipices ~ An Artist’s Return to Awe and Wonder Series inspired by experiences and transformations from Bandelier National Monument Artist Residency for month of November 2022.

11/26/22 ~ During this period the far end of Long House was as far as you could go on the Main Pueblo Loop Trail as the Alcove House site further up the canyon had been closed to visitors. I set up at the very end and had great fun bantering with visitors that it may have been the end of the loop but at least they got to meet the artist in residence at work! I spent a lot of time at the Long House with its extensive ruins, cavates, and especially the petroglyphs which fascinated me. Depending on the lighting on a given day, new ones (to me of course) would become visible.


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