Heron V


I’m pleased to note that this piece, “Heron V” has been SOLD through the Jeni Benos Gallery located in The Greenbrier Art Colony Shops on Alabama Row at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

You can contact Jeni Benos via email or phone at:

24″ x 36″ Acrylic Layers

“Heron V” is from my “Fleeting Glimpses ~ Sighting” series which reflects my love of wildlife and seeing them in their natural habitat.  Each wildlife sighting I experience is a precious gift, a stolen moment of insight behind nature’s curtain into the daily life of each creature.  As an “outsider” we are offered this rare moment of witnessing another world.  The compositions I create are often unexpected which represents not only the chance sighting lasting only a moment but also the wild aspect of the animals not constrained by our rules or boundaries.  As the observer, we watch for and learn to see the reward of a glimpse… It is surprising how often our neighbors are near if only we’d look for them. 

I absolutely love Herons and often see them flying with the slow graceful beat of their long wings overhead.   Their long flowing lines make them a favorite wildlife subject.  “Heron V” is based on a photograph my artist friend Lynn Goldstein provided to me taken by her friends and offered for artistic interpretation!  The silence and stillness of this scene with the heron gliding silently over the water’s surface with the slice of the wing in the water captivated me and drew me to produce this acrylic layers painting.


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