2013 was a very exciting year for me and my art!  Last year, 2012, saw the re-establishment of my art business, Ballyryan Studios, as an LLC which laid the foundation.  My goals for 2013 were large and with the support of my mentors, collectors, fans, friends, and family I was able to achieve them ALL! So how about a round up of what transpired?  I had four major art-related goals for 2013:

#1  Improve and increase my “Art Presence” online in 2013:

B&W image of VA Artist Robyn Ryan

~ Kick off of my new website RobynRyanArt.com
~ Initiation of the Robyn Ryan Art Newsletter
~ Major activity increase for my Facebook Fanpage Facebook/Ballyryan.Studios
~ Setting up on Twitter @RobynRyanArt

#2  Expand public exhibition/exposure of my artwork:

VA Artist Robyn Ryan & Sculptures

“Summer Itch” and “Rolling Bliss” bronze sculptures in the Piedmont Virginian Showcase exhibit at River District Arts.

Art First Gallery and the North Windsor Artists at Libertytown Arts Workshop
~ Acceptances into numerous Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts Regional and National  juried exhibits
~ North Windsor Artists Group Exhibit at CRRL
~ Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC) Juried Exhibit
~ Gallery Flux “Art of the Horse” Juried Exhibit
~ Art at the Mill Juried Exhibit
~ Piedmont Virginian Showcase Juried Exhibit
~ Featured Artist in the Chronicle of the Horse
~ Featured Artist on Artsy Shark!

#3  Further my art education and grow my teaching efforts:

VEAA Watercolor Workshop with Robyn Ryan

VEAA Watercolor Workshop at the Backdoor Gallery

~ Art Biz Coach “Marketing Bootcamp”
~ Transfers class with Bob Worthy
~ Intensive Studies Seminar with Katherine Chiang-Liu, Fran Larson, Skip Lawrence, and Christopher Schink
~ Taught two VEAA Sculpture Workshops
~ Taught  a VEAA Watercolor Workshop
~ Conducted Fredericksburg “Art Attack” Sculpture Demonstration

#4  Finally and MOST importantly, my goal was to increase studio time and make more art!

Osprey Acrylic Layers Paintinng by VA Artist Robyn Ryana

“Osprey” 12″ x 16″ Acrylic Layers on Raised Panel

~ Started 6 “Germination” inspired acrylic layer pieces (focusing on the feeling vs. the literal seed/plant… VERY interesting!)
~ Started three new equine sculptures
~ Cast a horse bust in Bronze
~ Finalized the next sculpture for casting
~ Completed five more “Fleeting Glimpses” series Acrylic Layer paintings
~ Created numerous transfer “experiments” and finalized several
~ Finalized several “Equine Layer” pieces as well as several acrylic on plexiglas pieces

 Next Post I’ll highlight my plans for 2014 which promises to be another very busy “art-full” year!

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