Greetings from lovely Taos, New Mexico!

I’m back for my 10th Intensive Studies Seminar with four fabulous mentors:  Fran Larson, Katherine Chang Liu, Skip Lawrence, and Christopher Schink!  This is day 2 of the 8 day workshop and I’ve already got 8 Acrylic Layers pieces started as part of my continuing series “Fleeting Glimpses”.  It is wonderful to have such immersive and focused time to make art, talk art, think art, and enjoy fellow artists, all in the beautiful high desert and mountain landscape!

Favorite quote so far (there will be MANY!)  is from famous contemporary artist, Chuck Close: “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us get up and work!”

Favorite presentation so far (2 a day!)  is the survey of David Hockney’s artistic journey… I gain SO MUCH Art Appreciation here at ISS, they expose us to so many classic and contemporary artists’ work!

Here are some in process pictures of one of yesterday’s 8  “starts”, I’ll keep you posted on progress!

Preliminary drawing of Fox by Artist Robyn Ryan

Robyn Ryan Fox underpainting

Robyn Ryan Fox painting first gel layer

Robyn Ryan Fox painting, layer 2


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