In Your Dreams


22″ x 15″ Mixed Media Collage

Mounted on 1.5″ Raised Birch Panel

My “Fleeting Glimpses” series reflects my love of wildlife and seeing them in their natural habitat.  Each wildlife sighting I experience is a precious gift, a stolen moment of insight behind nature’s curtain into the daily life of each creature.  As an “outsider” we are offered this rare moment of witnessing another world.  The compositions I create are often unexpected which represents not only the chance sighting lasting only a moment but also the wild aspect of the animals not constrained by our rules or boundaries.  As the observer, we watch for and learn to see the reward of a glimpse… It is surprising how often our neighbors are near if only we’d look for them.

“In Your Dreams” is from the “Portals” branch of my “Fleeting Glimpses” series which introduces an element of surrealism.  I believe this invites the viewer to engage more personally as possibilities are opened up by removing the constraint of reality.  The embedded box motifs are “windows” into an alternative environment, real or imagined.  The paintings make subtle statements regarding our encroachment on the habitats of our wild neighbors.  Most include collage or dimensional elements that represent human presence.  “Wonky” tree shapes and curved lines are also a common motif throughout the series.

“Mixed Media & Collage” is fun, fun, and more fun!  The sky is the limit and my creativity soars when the “rules” and constraints of a specific medium no longer apply!  As I have introduced more surreal and symbolic elements into my paintings, the mixed-media and collage have facilitated expressing my ideas in exciting new ways.

The sleeping red fox in “In Your Dreams” was created from hand-made marbled collage paper and is depicted as floating amongst the trees in the background.  The trees have torn translucent map “skins” collaged over a blue wash to create the bark texture.  The road map is used in the trees to symbolize our encroachment on the red foxes’ habitat.    The “portal” window is filled with translucent handmade collage paper with a sense of golden leaves representing the undisturbed natural habitat the fox is dreaming of.   This painting was inspired by photographs provided by one of my collectors of a pair of red fox kits residing in his backyard garden.

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