My friend, photographer Audrey Bruno, floored me about a month ago when I learned she had made the decision to leave her full-time day job here in Fredericksburg, VA and pursue her fine arts degree at Rochester Institute of Technology School of Design.  Audrey-close-up-webWhat a gutsy decision to make such a major life change and pursue her dream!

Audrey and I are about the same age, and learned a couple of years ago after we met as new members of Art First Gallery, in Fredericksburg, VA, that we both had gone to Radford University, and I just learned that it was probably at the same time!  It is a small world!

What an inspiration she is to me, I will miss her greatly but am SO very proud of her.  We will have to see what great things lay ahead for her as she follows this new path.  (Thanks to Cathy Herndon for a great photo of Audrey!)

She will be exhibiting her work with two other Fredericksburg, VA photographer friends of mine, Fritzi Newton and Adam Desio at Bistro Bethem, 309 William Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, during the months of June and July.


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