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Intensive Art Creation at ISS 2014 Underway!

Artist Robyn Ryan Deer Acrylic Layers Painting

I would have posted sooner but I’ve been consumed with MAKING ART!!!

ISS has become an annual regenerative force for me as an artist as well as the art I create!

I can’t wait to get to the studio each morning ( a conference center transformed into studio and presentation space for 80 + artists!)… Read more »

“Point to Point” Step by Step

VA Artist Robyn Ryan Acrylic Layers In Process

It seemed about time to share another work in process with you!   My Acrylic Layers process lends itself especially well to step by step explanations so here are the first six steps I’ve taken so far with a new Acrylic Layers piece titled “Point to Point”.  This painting is one of the largest Acrylic Layers… Read more »

Acrylic Layers Painting in Process of “Heron II”

Stage 8 of Artist Robyn Ryan's "Heron II"

Well I promised you in my previous post, 10 Days of Painting Bliss! Work in Progress…  I would post the in process images of the second Heron painting I completed while at my art retreat in Orkney Springs… So here we go!  I will share 8 images so you can see the subtle changes and… Read more »

10 Days of Painting Bliss! Work in Progress…

Greetings all!  I painted away at my annual art retreat in Orkney Springs, VA and loved every minute!

Wonderful facilities at Shrine Mont, it’s like coming home each year (at least 15 years now, haven’t missed one yet!)  I find this very special place peaceful, beautiful, and rejuvenating, I’ll share more on this wonderful place… Read more »