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Finishing a Bronze ~ How Do They Do That?

Artist Robyn Ryan's "Rolling Bliss" - Detail of finished bronze

So many people have asked me how the finished colors and patterns are achieved on my finished bronzes.  It is one of the funnest parts of the process since I, as the artist, participate actively in this final stage!  Let me show you how we finished “Rolling Bliss” (#3 of 20) since I took lots… Read more »

Sharing my art… It is SO much more than about the sales!

Artist Robyn Ryan, Ready to Demo her Sculpting

Don’t get me wrong… sales are important!  They validate the effort, resupply the studio to make more art, and represent a “permanent” sharing when someone is moved enough by a piece of my work to invest in it to make it part of their daily life…

Sharing art for me comes in many forms ranging… Read more »

August Sculpture Workshop – The Dragon Riders!

Clay sculptures of dragons and a horse

My fourth sculpture workshop for the Virginia Equine Artists Association (VEAA) on August 10 and 11 was an adventure!  My equine focused participants ended up not being able to attend so instead the dragons came!

The objectives of my workshops are to:

~ make the process clear and logical to create a foundation of understanding… Read more »

Two Dimensions vs. Three Dimensions… Friend or Foe?

Artist Robyn Ryan Rolling Horse Watercolor

Friend!  One of the wisest things I did as an artist was to follow my dream to sculpt and cast bronze sculptures!  Better than painting?  No!  Both presentations are equally valid, just very different!  In fact, I’ve found working in both to be very influential on each other!

1)  Working in three dimensions informs my… Read more »

June Sculpture Workshop was a Blast!

VEAA June 2013 Sculpture Class

We sure had a super time at the Virginia Equine Artists Association (VEAA) sculpture workshop last weekend!  Thanks Debby Thomas for hosting us in your studio!  I had four students which was perfect for the private studio setting.

We started with discussing the entire process from armature to casting in bronze (or Resin).  The remaining… Read more »

1-2 June 2013 Sculpture Workshop

Robyn Ryan Teaching Sculpture Workshop

Announcing the 3rd VEAA Hosted Robyn Ryan Sculpture Workshop,  1-2 June 2013

Link to Workshop Flyer ~ Sculpture Workshop with Robyn Ryan June2013

Are you ready to bend some wire and push some clay? Don’t let the idea of three dimensions intimidate you… This will be a very practical and down to earth… Read more »