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Why do I Love the Intensive Studies Seminar?

Artist Robyn Ryan Heron Acrylic Layers Painting

The Intensive Studies Seminar (ISS) has become an annual regenerative force for me as an artist as well as the art I create!

Why do I travel so far away?  Why do I ship out so many materials?  Why stay away from my wonderful husband and home for such an extended period?  Because it is… Read more »

Two Dimensions vs. Three Dimensions… Friend or Foe?

Artist Robyn Ryan Rolling Horse Watercolor

Friend!  One of the wisest things I did as an artist was to follow my dream to sculpt and cast bronze sculptures!  Better than painting?  No!  Both presentations are equally valid, just very different!  In fact, I’ve found working in both to be very influential on each other!

1)  Working in three dimensions informs my… Read more »


My friend, photographer Audrey Bruno, floored me about a month ago when I learned she had made the decision to leave her full-time day job here in Fredericksburg, VA and pursue her fine arts degree at Rochester Institute of Technology School of Design.  What a gutsy decision to make such a major life change and… Read more »