In our continually more crowded and developed environment, sightings of wildlife have become very precious to me.  That is one reason I don't live in the suburbs or city.  Each day I watch for my wild neighbors in their natural habitat and am so thankful when I discover them.  (Even at 2:30 in the morning when Mr. Fox trips the motion detector lights!).  My paintings of wildlife seek to honor the animals, both their personalities and their wild world... be it my back yard or somewhere more remote.

Heron VI

"Heron VI" 22" x 15" Acrylic Layers painting by Virginia Artist Robyn Ryan

22″ x 15″ Acrylic Layers

Ghost Fox I

"Ghost Fox I" 25" x 19" Acrylic on Yupo by Artist Robyn Ryan

25″ x 19″ Acrylic on Yupo
Private Collection