Acrylic Layers

Acrylic Layers

Each Acrylic Layers painting is created with multiple layers of acrylic gel and paint or other material such as charcoal, graphite, water-soluble crayons, pastel, papers, and embedded items.  I create them directly on raised panels or on paper which is then mounted on raised panels.  My "hand" is clearly present in the textures I apply the gel with.  These physically separated layers of paint and other mediums allow the viewer to "see through" to what lies beneath and create organic visual interest through rich color and textures.

Heron VI

"Heron VI" 22" x 15" Acrylic Layers painting by Virginia Artist Robyn Ryan

22″ x 15″ Acrylic Layers


"Vessels" " 5" x 7" Acrylic Layers by Virginia Artist Robyn Ryan

7″ x 5″ Acrylic Layers

Heron V

“Heron V” Acrylic Layers Painting by VA Artist Robyn Ryan

24″ x 36″ Acrylic Layers